BRL: The Podcast

BRL: The Podcast. A podcast born from a Nationally recognised Hip Hop radio show! We chat to the whos-who of the genre and a lot more. What’s left to say but BRL, son!

Episode 012 Everyday Jake, Platterplush and Codeks

June 18th, 2020

This week,

We chat to Perth MC, Everyday Jake about his latest project and an exclusive chat with Platterpush & Codeks (former of Down Under Beats Crew) about thier upcoming new album and HEAPS more!

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Episode 11 BONUS EPISODE Mantra

June 10th, 2020

We go back to one of my favourite chats in BRL history. 2016's first encounter with the man with the best flows in Australia, Mantra. It turns out we are both a pair of chatty Cathy's and this is great fun.

Recorded September 2016 at 89.7FM in Joondalup, Western Australia

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