BRL: The Podcast

BRL: The Podcast. A podcast born from a Nationally recognised Hip Hop radio show! We chat to the whos-who of the genre and a lot more. What’s left to say but BRL, son!

Episode 35 Patti & Tasman Keith

February 8th, 2021

One of our biggest episodes to date!

We chat with Tasman Keith! AND the reutrning star of Oz Hip Hop, Patti! A monster episode!

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Episode 34 A.Saxon Album Party

February 5th, 2021

We had A.Saxon from Perth in the studio to talk about his DOPE new EP! As usual we talk about everything but the music. Because i'm shit at interviews... It's fun though.

Recorded at 107.3 HFM

Note: Express Verbal Permission was granted by the artist to use the music on this Podcast.

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